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I'm A Question To Be Heards Not An Answer To The World
Vitani: (n) see also Vi, Vivi, and Tani; A level headed creature that enjoys graphic making, writing, role-plays, video games, fanfiction, and anime. Is known to lash out when annoyed and has a habitat of over analyzing things. Usually at the top of it's game and is known to be straight forward and honest with people. Vitani is a female who also is very protective of those that are close to her. She will only defend her pack mates if she feels they are in the right though. Though usually docile and quiet Vitani is far from shy. For more information on Vitani feel free to comment to be added to this journal. You may also seek more information by contacting the Vitani expert at xantique lilacx on instant messenger.

Likes: Anime, mostly One Piece, Bleach, Black Cat, Detective Conan, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Yu-Gi-Oh. I have an oreo and skittle obsession they're my favorite sugary foods, mostly the mint oreos and the red skittles. I like staying up all night and just being with my friends. I also like making icons because I'm a sucker for praise and love when someone uses one I made and tells me I did a good job. Also love the role-play. I love my friends too!
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